K’omoks First Nation

Led the development of a comprehensive spreadsheet model to estimate the costs of preparing for self-government. This is known as the Start Up Costs model. Presented the model to a number of negotiating First Nations groups and to representatives from Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

Tsawwassen First Nation

Provided advice on matters of taxation, including analysis of how the federal and provincial tax sharing arrangements operate under different scenarios.

First Nations Infrastructure Institute

Providing technical advice on the establishment of an institute to support the planning and procurement of indigenous infrastructure projects.

First Nations Major Projects Coalition

Provide ongoing advice and services as a member of the economic technical team, including: the preparation of the annual work plan and budget, the preparation and delivery of presentations and the facilitation of discussions at regional caucus meetings, and development of the Coalition’s major project criteria and the project identification and support process.

Cheslatta Carrier Nation

Provided technical support in the development of a Comprehensive Community Plan and Annual Operational Plan. Provided technical support to negotiation of Reconciliation Agreement with British Columbia including financial analysis and establishment of Trust.

Sliammon First Nation / Tla’amin Nation

Developed an Economic Development Strategy that included a Community Profile, a Business Practices Review, an Economic Strategy document, an Implementation and Monitoring Plan, and a spreadsheet model to evaluate a development scenario contemplated by the Sliammon First Nation’s Land Use Plan. Provided technical support in the development of the Sliammon Financial Administration Law (2013), conflict of interest policy, other policies, and presentations and other communications materials. Led the community consultation process and the development of communication materials for decision-makers and for community members for the establishment of the Tla’amin Settlement Trust and a number of other laws, regulations and policies Tla’amin treaty implementation process. Led the competitive process that enabled the Tla’amin Nation to select a project manager and finance the construction of the new Governance House. Continue to provide fiscal and community development advice and services through strategic planning, financial planning, production of the Nation’s annual report, supporting the Implementation Community Working Group and representing Tla’amin within the Collaborative Fiscal Policy Development Process with Canada.

Alliance of BC Modern Treaty Nations

Led the coordination of the efforts of seven (7) Modern Treaty Nations in BC to form an alliance and advocate on shared issues related to treaty implementation. Drafted position papers, briefing notes, speaking notes, chaired meetings with First Nation, federal and provincial leaders alike.

First Nations Summit

Conducted research and prepared report on impact of treaty loans on First Nations. This included interviews and surveys with First Nation representatives in British Columbia. Analysis of survey and interview results were summarized in report. Provided technical support to the First Nations Summit to prepare discussion paper and presentations for a fiscal relations conference in June 2017. Topics cover taxation jurisdiction, resource royalties, own source revenue considerations (definition, basic exemption, floor, ceiling, offsets), fiscal transfer models, and services responsibilities. Assisted Chief David Jimmie with his regional engagement exercise on fiscal relations by facilitating six (6) engagement sessions across different regions in BC and preparing an engagement summary report. Developed communications materials, provided presentations and facilitated discussions.

First Nations Financial Management Board

Provided technical support on assessment of financial performance of First Nations governments including financial ratio analysis and operational guidelines. Prepared annual reports and corporate plans for this First Nation institution. Conducted research on the treasury function in First Nation government and a case study analyzing financial performance of Attawapiskat First Nation. Also conducted research into revenues generated by major resource projects, leading to the establishment of the First Nations Major Project Coalition.

Tsleil Waututh Nation

Conducted analysis in support of service agreement negotiations with the District of North Vancouver. This included taking inventory of water and sewer infrastructure on reserve. Also included providing advice on approaches to calculating a payment for services. Prepared the Annual Report for the Tsleil Waututh Nation for the year 2013-14 and 2015-16, and 2016-17. This included meeting with Department Heads to gather data and operating results, preparing written content, coordinating graphic design and reviewing drafts with staff.

Squamish Nation Trust

Provided technical support to conduct a membership survey to establish priorities for use of income earned by a specific claims Trust. The Squamish Nation Trust was established in 2000 after a settlement of a land claim. Every five (5) years, some work is done to survey membership and administration to determine priorities for use of fund earned by the trust. This work includes preparing survey instruments, conducting interviews, analyzing data, preparing a report, and making a presentation to Chiefs and Council.

Tla’amin Management Services

Continue to lead the business development and due diligence efforts on a number of files, including cannabis opportunities. Coordinated a restructuring of the economic governance system (legal and governance structure of Tla’amin businesses). Facilitated a strategic planning exercise and prepared a strategic plan. Prepare concept studies, business plans and financial plans.

All Nations Trust Company

Provide technical support in the development of a strategic plan including facilitation of feedback from Board of Directors, clients, shareholders, management and staff.

Squamish Nation

Provided technical support in a comprehensive planning project that considers land acquisition, infrastructure provision, development at several reserves, revenue estimates, and infrastructure financing. Deliverables include a financial model, report, presentation, video, and participation at family meetings. Materials were also prepared in relation to specific developments (both designation and business term votes).